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Fmoc protected amino acids attached to Wang resin 

Description: These pre-loaded Wang resins are the ideal supports for the preparation of long or difficult peptides by batch-wise Fmoc SPPS. The resins consist of 1% cross-linked polystyrene beads functionalized with the TFA labile p-benzyloxybenzyl alcohol handle. 

Loading: Loading: 0.3 - 0.5 mmole/g resin, as determined photometrically from the amount of Fmoc chromophore liberated upon treatment of the resin with piperidine/DMF.   

Polymer matrix: Copoly(styrene-1% DVB), 100 - 200 mesh.

Storage/Handling: Room temp (+20C)

Shipping: Express Courier


References: P. Sieber (1987) Tetrahedron Lett., 28, 6147.


For laboratory use only

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