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Amino acids attached to 2-chlorotrityl resin

Description: 2-Chlorotrityl resins are excellent supports for the preparation of partially protected and fully deprotected peptide fragments by Fmoc batch SPPS. Cleavage can be effected by treatment with AcOH/TFE/DCM (2:2:6), 0.5% TFA in DCM or 30% HFIP in DCM, to yield protected peptide acid fragments without any loss of sensitive side-chain protecting groups. These supports are useful tools for the synthesis of prolyl peptides as the bulk of the trityl handle prevents diketopiperazine formation. 

Loading: 0.4 - 0.6 mmole/g resin.  

Polymer matrix: Copoly(styrene-1% DVB), 100 - 200 mesh.

Storage/Handling: Refrigerator (+4C)

Shipping: Express Courier


References: K. Barlos, et al. (1989) Tetrahedron Lett., 30, 3947.

K. Barlos, et al. (1991) Angew. Chem., 103, 572.

K. Barlos, et al. (1991) Int. J. Peptide Protein Res., 37, 513.

K. Barlos, et al. (1993) Ann. Chem., 215.

For laboratory use only

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