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Catalog# 27,040

Product: Rifampicin

Description: Antibiotic that specifically inhibits DNA-dependent RNA polymerase in bacteria by forming an inactive complex. Does not affect mammalian RNA polymerase. Inhibits transcription by preventing the initial transcription complex from entering the elongation mode.

Synonyms: Rifampin

Molecular Weight: 823.0

CAS Number: 13292-46-1

Appearance: Red solid.

Purity: 97% by HPLC

Storage/Handling: Room temp (+20C)

Shipping: Express Courier

RTECS: VJ7000000


Risk Statements: 20/21/22-36/37/38-60-63               

Safety Statements: 36/37/39-45-53


References:  Merck Index 13, 8300.

For laboratory use only

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