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Catalog# 23,060

Product: NDSB-201

Description: A non-detergent sulfobetaine. Reported to prevent protein aggregation and facilitate the renaturation of chemically and thermally denatured proteins. Zwitterionic over a wide pH range. Easily removed by dialysis

Synonyms: 3-(1-Pyridino)-1-propane Sulfonate

Molecular Formula: C8H11NO3S

Molecular Weight: 201.2

CAS Number: 15471-17-7.

Appearance: White solid. Hygroscopic.

Purity: 99% by TLC

Storage/Handling: Room temp (+20C)

Shipping: Express Courier


Risk Statements: 36/37/38               

Safety Statements: 26-36


References: Goldberg, M.E., et al. 1996. Folding & Design 1, 21.; Vuillard, L., et al. 1995. Biochem. J. 305, 337.

For laboratory use only

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