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G 418 Sulfate

Catalog# 16,050

Product: G 418 Sulfate

Description: An aminoglycoside related to gentamycin that inhibits prokaryotic and eukaryotic protein synthesis. Widely used in the selection of eukaryotic expression vectors carrying the bacterial neor/kanr genes. The product of these genes, aminoglycoside 3′-phosphotransferase, inactivates G418, neomycin, and kanamycin by phosphorylation. Introduction of either of these genes into cells can confer resistance to G418, which enables cells to grow in media containing G418.

Molecular Formula: C20H40N4O10 2H2SO4

Molecular Weight: 692.7

CAS Number: 108321-42-2.

Appearance: White solid.

Purity: 98% by TLC; Potency: ≥730 g/mg.  

Storage/Handling: Room temp (+20C)

Shipping: Express Courier

RTECS: CB9378500


References: Santerre, R.F., et al. 1991. Methods Mol. Biol. 7, 245.; Maniatis, T., et al. 1989. In Molecular Cloning, A Laboratory Manual, Second Edition, Cold Spring Harbor, NY.  

For laboratory use only

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