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Catalog# 13,040

Product: Dodecyl Maltoside

Description: Non-ionic detergent similar to n-octyl-b-D-glucopyranoside; however, increased alkyl chain length has been shown to increase thermal stability of lipid-free rhodopsin in solution. Useful in membrane-protein solubilization studies.

Molecular Weight: 510.6

CAS Number: 69227-93-6.

Appearance: White solid. Hygroscopic.

Purity: > 95% by TLC. Absorbance (10%, H2O, 260 nm): <1.0.

Storage/Handling: Refrigerator (+4C)

Shipping: Express Courier


References: Witzmann, F., et al. 1991. Electrophoresis 12, 687.; Bass, W.T., and Bricker, T.M. 1988. Anal. Biochem. 171, 330. 

For laboratory use only

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