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Cleland’s Reagent

Catalog# 12,130

Product: Cleland's Reagent

Description: A protective agent for SH groups. Cyclizes as it reduces disulfides to thiols, so reaction is "driven" to completion.

Synonyms: Dithiothreitol; DTT

Molecular Formula: C4H10O2S2

Molecular Weight: 154.2

CAS Number: 3483-12-3

Appearance: White solid. Hygroscopic.

Purity: 97% by titration; Heavy metals: <1 ppm.; Oxidized dithiothreitol: ≤0.5%

Storage/Handling: Refrigerator (+4°C)

Shipping: Express Courier

RTECS: EK1610000


Risk Statements: 22-36/38               

Safety Statements: 36-26


References: Merck Index 13, 3412

For laboratory use only

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