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Catalog# 10,010

Product: Aprotinin, Bovine Lung

Description: White Solid. A serine protease inhibitor that inhibits trypsin, chymotrypsin, kallikrein and plasmin. Binding is reversible with most aprotinin-protease complexes dissociating at pH > 10 or < 3. Does not inhibit Factor Xa and thrombin. Specific activity: ≥ 5500 K.I.U/ mg protein. One Kallikrein Inhibitory Unit (K.I.U.) is identical to the quantity of protease inhibitor that has the ability to inhibit two kallikrein units by 50% under optimal conditions. Effectively inhibits target proteases at equimolar concentration. 1 K.I.U.=0.025 antiplasmin units (APU) or 0.0031 trypsin inhibitor units.

Synonyms: Trypsin Inhibitor: Trypsin-Kallikrein Inhibitor                                                                                             

Chemical Formula: C284H432N84O79S7

Molecular Weight: 6512

CAS Number: 9087-70-1

Appearance: White Solid          

Purity: One single band (Electrophoresis)                     

Solubility: H2O (10 mg/ml).

Storage/ Handling: +4 șC, refrigerator. Protect from moisture.


Risk Statements: R: 42/43                                 

Safety Statements: S: 22-36/37-45


References: Merck Index. 13, 761.

Roberts, R. F., et al. (1998). Ann. Thorac. Surg. 66, 225.

Trautschold, I., et al. (1967). Biochem. Pharmacol. 16, 59.

For laboratory use only

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